David Wagner - New England Historical Artist



By David R. Wagner & Jack Dempsey
2004. Index. 235 pp.

Traditions say that in May 1637, a force of English colonists and Native allies marched "undetected" across southern New England and surprised the Pequot village of Missituc/Mystic. They trapped and killed 300-700 men, women and children and broke the back of the Pequot dominion. What does the land itself say to these untested records? The answer is here - a "journey to a most unlikely massacre." Mystic Fiasco is the most comprehensive and detailed account of this war. In its story of failed conquest and survival, you'll journey to an astonishing Native victory built upon know-how, daring cooperation and stifled laughter -- in the face of colonists "altogether ignorant" of the land, tribal distinctions and New World combat. Featuring 33 illustrations by David R. Wagner.

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Mystic Fiasco

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David R. Wagner -- New England Historical Artist

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